PASS research supports the development of antibiotic stewardship interventions tailored to: general practice, hospitals, care homes, and the community.

  • The Bug Watch study collected data a cohort of household residents in England
  • Participants recorded common infection symptoms and use of healthcare services
  • Bug Watch data tell us how often people go to the doctor and take antibiotics for their symptoms.

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Primary care

  • General practice is often the first point of consultation for patients with signs of infection
  • Three out of four of antibiotics in the UK are prescribed by general practitioners
  • Reducing antibiotic prescribing in this setting can significantly reduce the population-wide exposure to antibiotics, but interventions in this setting have not been reviewed systematically.

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Secondary care

  • Hospitals are responsible for 20% of the overall antibiotic use in the UK
  • They play a critical role in the acquisition and antibiotic resistance and its export to community settings
  • Despite antibiotic stewardship programmes being well established in UK hospitals, there is still evidence of antibiotic overuse.

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Care homes

  • Care homes have a strong focus on preventing and controlling infection
  • Antibiotic stewardship programmes are not common in care homes
  • Care homes represent an important setting for research to optimise antibiotic use.

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